What You Need to Know About Essay Revising

Essay Revising ExplainedIt's really important to get an essay with a great structure and a logical flow so that it's clear to the reader what it is you're attempting to state. In an exploratory paper, you are requested to look past the obvious answers to be able to...

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College Basketball Rankings Guide!Don't count on Miami for a very long run, and if they lose, it might be ugly. Choose teams which have a player that's deemed to be a Super Star. 26 teams take part within this tournament.Don't count on Miami for a very long run, and...

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Humana Child Aid Society Sabah is providing education to more than 12,000 children in Sabah’s plantations and other remote places.

No Child Labour

HCASS Seeks to reduce child labourers in plantation sector.

Right to Education

We provide holistic education from kindergarten to grade six.

Further Developing

Our education program soon include STEM, Sports and the Arts.

Support UN's SDG

We strive to contribute to Malaysia’s UN SDGs on education.


Support Us!

Your donation can make a big difference. Help us provide underprivileged children in Sabah a holistic education and a proper chance at life.